Our Story

The story of our company dates back to 1973 when Dr. Neil Joebchen began caring for emergency room patients at Tri-City Medical Center (TCMC) and founded Tri-City Emergency Medical Group (TCEMG).Over the decades, TCEMG would become one of the pre-eminent emergency medical groups in the country, pioneering some of the early advances in the field of emergency medicine.

In 1989, the Tri-City Medical Center began a fledgling occupational medicine program operating out of the emergency room, and quickly turned to TCEMG for physician leadership. Over the next few years the program grew in volume and influence, but it soon became clear that in order to have a full service occupational medicine program that could provide for all of the occupational health needs in the community, a physician with the experience and expertise to lead the program to the next level was required. To that end, TCEMG recruited Dr. Randall Browning as Medical Director in 1995.

Dr. Browning came to TCEMG with expertise in occupational medicine, emergency medicine, and toxicology. Over the next 17 years, TCMC WorkPartners, flourished under the medical direction of Dr. Browning and became the go-to resource in the community for some of the most challenging cases in occupational medicine.

In 2012, the medical center handed over complete control of all operational and ownership functions of the occupational medicine program to TCEMG. On October 1, 2012, WorkPartners Occupational Health Specialists opened for operation at its new location on El Camino Real in Oceanside.

With its new vision for what occupational medicine should be, WorkPartners quickly reemerged as the industry leader in North San Diego County. Employers, patients and insurers quickly discovered that having a specialist on their side produced amazing outcomes and outstanding results. The demand for expansion came quickly and WorkPartners responded by opening the second location on S. Melrose Drive in Vista on June 22, 2015.

As the trusted resource for Occupational Healthcare delivery in the region, and at the request of many partners, WorkPartners expanded its clinic offerings with the opening of the Vista location to include Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. The ability to closely manage and monitor the outcomes of patients referred to these specialties is set to ensure even better outcomes for all partners.

Under the continued medical directorship of Dr. Browning, and with a team of occupational health experts, WorkPartners is setting out to redefine the practice of occupational medicine by creating an experience for employers and patients that exceeds expectations for collaboration, communication, and quality of care. It is an ambitious task, but this plan has been 20 years in the making. After all, pioneering healthcare in San Diego’s North County is what we’ve always done.

Welcome to the future of Occupational Medicine.
Welcome to WorkPartners Occupational Health Specialists!