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Latest News

Jill Van Meter, L.Ac.

WorkPartners is pleased to announce that Licensed Acupuncturist Jill Van Meter, L.Ac. has joined the WorkPartners family! Jill has been practicing as a Licensed Acupuncturist for 24 years and has exemplified excellence in workers’ compensation. We are thrilled to feature Jill in this month’s featured interview. WP. Hi Jill! Please give us a quick summary […]

Dr. Kathleen Gray, MD

WorkPartners is pleased to announce that Dr. Kathleen Gray, MD has joined the WorkPartners family! Dr. Gray has been practicing Occupational Medicine for over 20 years, exemplifying excellence in workers’ compensation for San Diego County employers. We are thrilled to feature Dr. Gray in this month’s featured interview. WP. Hi Dr. Gray! Please give us […]

Michael W. Simmons

WorkPartners is turning the spotlight on an individual making an impact and exemplifying excellence in the field of workers’ compensation, and more specifically… Risk Management. We are excited to feature Michael W. Simmons, ARM-P, RIMS-CRMP, Vice President, Risk Management at WKS Restaurant Group. a licensed franchisee of El Pollo Loco, Wendy’s, Denny’s, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, […]

Dr. Vicky Young, MD, MPH

WorkPartners is pleased to announce that Dr. Vicky Young, MD, MPH has joined the WorkPartners team!  Dr. Young received her Board Certification in General Preventive Medicine and Public Health in 1992 and in Occupational Medicine in 1997.  She has been practicing Occupational Medicine since 1991.  Dr. Young is making an impact and exemplifying excellence in […]

WorkPartners Vista Operating Hours

WorkPartners Vista Operating Hours Beginning Monday, June 8, WorkPartners Vista is back to normal operating hours of 8 am – 6 pm! Please click the link below for our revised location flyer with current operating hours at all WorkPartners clinic locations. CLICK HERE  

COVID-19 Testing FAQ

At WorkPartners we are please to provide additional services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, we only offer the PCR testing through a fully CAP/CLIA licensed reference laboratory to ensure the highest negative predictive value of these tests. However, the future of an effective workplace safety, exposure, and mitigation strategy will lie in a logically crafted […]

Rosie Alvarez

WorkPartners is turning the spotlight on an individual making an impact and exemplifying excellence in the field of human resources, workers’ compensation, and more specifically… Return-To-Work. We are excited to feature Rosie Alvarez, Sr. Return-To-Work Analyst at Netflix. We hope everyone enjoys this week’s featured interview! WP. Hi Rosie! Please give us a quick summary […]

Melanie Andersen

WorkPartners is turning the spotlight on an individual making an impact and exemplifying excellence in the field of human resources and workers’ compensation. We are excited to feature Melanie Andersen, Human Resources Director at Job Options, Inc. Thank you, Melanie, for spending time answering our questions. We hope everyone enjoys this week’s interview! WP. You […]

Interview with Jeff Cruz and Jon McPheters

During these unprecedented and trying times, employers of all sizes are facing very unique challenges. One question we find ourselves answering on a consistent basis is what happens when an employee is exposed at work. This sparked us to reach out to Jeff Cruz and Jon McPheters from HUB International. Jeff and Jon have nearly 50 […]

Addressing the Coronavirus COVID-19

With information evolving on an almost daily basis, receiving up-to-the-minute information and the ability to respond accordingly is critical in times like this. That is why we would like to share with you what we are doing at WorkPartners to mitigate exposure risks and prioritize the safety and well-being of our patients. Please check back regularly for updates on […]

Interview with Freddie Quiñones

During this challenging and uncertain time, WorkPartners would like to turn the spotlight on individuals making an impact and exemplifying excellence in the field of risk management and workers’ compensation. This week we are excited to feature Freddie Quiñones, Human Resources Business Partner at California Coast Credit Union. Thank you, Freddie, for spending time answering […]

Interview with Susan Geyer

During this challenging and uncertain time, WorkPartners would like to bring something positive for you to read. We would like to turn the spotlight on individuals making an impact and exemplifying excellence in the field of workers’ compensation. We are excited to interview Susan Geyer, Human Resources Manager at San Diego Job Corps. WP. Hi […]

Open for Business with Revised Hours

WorkPartners continues to be open to provide Occupational Health services during this challenging time. We will monitor business levels and continue to adjust our operating hours as necessary. Please note the following changes to our operating hours at each location: Oceanside Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM Closed on Saturdays Vista Monday – […]

Cancellation of ELEVATE 2020

Due to the rapidly escalating global outbreak of COVID-19, we regret to announce the cancellation of ELEVATE 2020. Refunds will be made and Information about the refund timeline will be emailed and posted on the ELEVATE 2020 website as soon as possible. Please be sure to cancel your accommodation and transportation bookings as necessary. We […]

Interview with Cody Jackson MD, MOH

Every month WorkPartners turns the spotlight on individuals making an impact and exemplifying excellence in the field of workers’ compensation. We thought it would be great to kick off 2020 by interviewing Cody Jackson, MD, MOH,  Medical Director at WorkPartners National City. Enjoy! Q. Hi Dr. Jackson, please can you give us a quick summary of […]

3… 2.. 1… 🚀 #ELEVATE2020 is coming!!

On May 14th, 2020 make plans to join 500+ like-minded work comp professionals at the ELEVATE 2020 Workers Compensation & Leadership Conference in beautiful San Diego, CA. #ELEVATE2020 will be held at the stunning Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina. This annual event is all about championing the cause to improve workers compensation, tackle some of the […]

YOU ARE INVITED! WorkPartners National City OPEN HOUSE Celebration on 11/13

A new era of occupational medicine begins in the South Bay region of San Diego County with the recent opening of WorkPartners Occupational Health Specialists new clinic location in National City. You are invited to be our special guest and help us celebrate during an exciting open house event scheduled for November 13 from 4:00-7:00 […]

WorkPartners Spotlight – Bonnie Stephens

Every month WorkPartners turn the spotlight on individuals making an impact and exemplifying excellence in the field of workers’ compensation. This month we sit down with Bonnie Stephens, Medcor Corporate Case Manager for the San Diego Zoo/Zoo Safari Park. Hi Bonnie. For over two decades you have managed workers’ compensation claims for one of the […]

WorkPartners Opens In National City

WorkPartners Occupational Health Specialists will open its newest clinic location in San Diego County on October 14, 2019. The new facility is located at 1510 Sweetwater Road, Suite B, National City CA 91950. “For all our South County partners who have entrusted us with the care of their employees and have endured the drive north […]

WorkPartners Spotlight – Carrie Rostron

Every month WorkPartners turns the spotlight on individuals making an impact and exemplifying excellence in the field of workers’ compensation. This month we sit down with Carrie Rostron, Workers’ Compensation Claims Supervisor at Marsh & McLennan.. WorkPartners Spotlight August2019 – Carrie Rostron WorkPartners Spotlight July 2019 – Tracy Ward WorkPartners Spotlight May 2019 – Ken […]

WorkPartners Spotlight – Ken Hernandez

Every month WorkPartners turns the spotlight on individuals making an impact and exemplifying excellence in the field of workers’ compensation. This month we sit down with Ken Hernandez,  former Director of Risk Management for San Bernardino County. WorkPartners Spotlight May 2019 – Ken Hernandez Carlos Luna -Risico Total Managed Care  Mark Pew – RxProfessor Glenn Thomas […]

March 2019: The Worker Advocate

Being a worker advocate is not always easy, popular, or cheap. It is difficult, uncomfortable, and demands a lot of time. In this month’s featured article, Carlos Luna gives characteristics a worker advocate will usually possess and what position they take on policy impacting workers’ compensation. March 2019 The Worker Advocate  

January 2019: Whole-Person Wellness

Deciding to have a wellness program in a workplace is more about doing than talking. Wellness programs are often implemented in a workplace, with good intentions, using a “build it and they will come” attitude. But sometimes they don’t “come” even though it was built. This month Mark “RxProfessor” Pew breaks down the importance of building a […]

November 2018: Ergonomics

Contrary to what many may believe, the goal of ergonomics is not to buy expensive equipment, but rather to educate, adjust, and adapt the workspace for long-term safe daily function. This month’s article will address 2 popular questions: 1. Is ergonomics really going to save our company money? 2. Is it worth spending time and […]

October 2018: Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is a condition where the thumb or fingers lock when they are bent. Workers who perform repetitive activities are prone to developing trigger finger. In this month’s article, learn the causes, treatments and prevention of trigger finger. October 2018 Trigger Finger

August 2018: Common Shoulder Injuries in the Workplace

Shoulder pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal problems encountered in the work environment.  Whether lifting a heavy box, cleaning windows, pushing a lawn mower, or scratching your back, our shoulders are used continually throughout the day to carry out numerous low and high demand tasks. Being aware of prevalent shoulder impairments allows employers to […]

Meet Our Team: Jill Chapman, DC

In this edition of “Meet Our Team”, we get to know Jill Chapman, DC, at WorkPartners. As the Chiropractor, Jill cares for WorkPartners patients with musculoskeletal injuries to help restore functionality, improve posture and increase spinal awareness in everyday job tasks by using spinal adjustments, manipulation, and myofascial release techniques.  Jill is a key member of our growing […]

Meet Our Team: Leanne Lundgren

In this edition of “Meet Our Team”, we get to know Leanne Lundgren, DPT, Director of Therapy at WorkPartners.  We are very proud to announce that Dr. Lundgren has achieved the distinction of becoming an Orthopedic Certified Specialist recognized by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties. Fewer than 10% of physical therapists gain Board certification, which […]

July 2018: Work-Related Knee Injuries

Our knees are complex and support the majority of our body weight. Work-related knee injuries are common and often result in significant loss of productivity and health care expenditures. Please email us with any questions you have on this month’s topic. July 2018 Work-Related Knee Injuries

June 2018: Wound Care

Laceration wounds are injuries that break the skin or other body tissues, including cuts, scrapes, scratches, and punctured skin.  They are  a common injury to get in a workplace. and can result from slips, trips or falls, low overhangs, tools used on the job, exposed sharp surfaces, along with many other causes. This month’s article provides […]

May 2018: Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure

It has been estimated by the CDC that around 5.6 million workers in the health care industry and related occupations are at risk of occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens. While healthcare workers may possess the higher risk of exposure, there are also various other occupations which place individuals at risk, such as a police officer […]

April 2018: Sedentary Workstations and Back Pain

A weekend of binge watching a Netflix series plus an all week desk job may not seem physically taxing, but research shows prolonged sitting causes musculoskeletal pain plus an increased incidence of diabetes, increased blood pressure and heart disease. Research has shown that a sitting posture burns fewer calories which may also lead to weight […]

Register for Elevate 2018: A Workers’ Compensation and Leadership Conference

On Thursday, May 10th you are invited to join an influential audience of 200+ Human Resource Professionals, Risk Managers, Safety Managers and Workers’ Compensation professionals representing employers of San Diego County at Elevate 2018: A Workers’ Compensation & Leadership Conference, presented by Tri-City Medical Center.  Elevate 2018 will be held at the beautiful Sheraton Carlsbad […]

March 2018: Corneal Abrasion

The eyes are the windows to the soul” is a common saying, but when an eye has sustained a corneal abrasion, the soul feels anything but peaceful. The cornea is the clear layer of tissue that is visible overlying the iris and pupil and meets the sclera, or the white of the eye, just outside […]

2017 Holiday Hours

It is hard to believe the holidays are around the corner, but they are!  Our sincerest thanks goes out to all of our partners for putting your trust in us for the health and well-being of your employees. We are proud of the care we provide and will strive to be even better in 2018!  We […]

Hepatitis A Update

Since early 2017, the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency has been investigating a local Hepatitis A outbreak. The outbreak investigation is ongoing. To date, no common source of food, beverage, or other cause has been identified; as a result, the source of the outbreak remains undetermined. On September 1, 2017, the San […]

Low Back Pain

If you are reading this article, chances are you already have or will experience low back pain (LBP) at some point in your life. Approximately 84 percent of adults will be afflicted by LBP in their lifetime. Since LBP is so common, it can be difficult to determine causation. The challenge is deciding whether a […]

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a chronic, sleep-related breathing disorder, caused by complete or partial obstructions of the upper airway.  Individuals with OSA typically are unaware of their difficulties with breathing, even after multiple episodes of awakening during sleep. How does OSA effect performance at work?  In this article, Leah Merrin, MPAP, PA-C, a Physician Assistant at WorkPartners Occupational Health Specialists, […]

Occupational Skin Disease

Occupational skin disease is more common than one may think. It can strike an employee in a variety of settings from healthcare to housekeeping. The most common occupational skin disease is contact dermatitis. In this article, Katelyn Wood, MS, PA-C, is a Physician Assistant at WorkPartners Occupational Health Specialists, provides a breakdown on contract dermatitis. Click […]

Lying for Money

Whether it’s tax fraud, accounting fraud, Medicare fraud, or workers’ comp fraud, it’s all the same thing: Lying for money. Anyone who touches a workers’ compensation claim, including claimants, employers, lawyers, insurance companies, and doctors, have an opportunity to profit from lying. Of course, people intending to commit fraud try to avoid detection, so what […]


ELEVATE 2017 was a great success. Thank you to all of our attendees!!! In case you didn’t receive the presentations, they are linked below for your convenience.  Bending the Work Comp Cost Curve 2017 Presenter Bios – Neal Stehly & Jon McPheters ELEVATE Stretch Break Ergonomics and Working with Millennials 2017 Presenter Bio – Kathy […]

Proper Posture

Estimates suggest that the lifetime prevalence of back pain in occupational workers ranges from 50-84%. Work related back pain can range from the neck down to the lower back and can have serious effects on employees in the workplace. In this article, Dr. Michael Hollstegge, Physical Therapist for WorkPartners Occupational Health Specialists, address the importance […]

Recreational Marijuana in CA: Now What for Employers?

California just became the fifth state, plus Washington D.C., to allow the recreational use of marijuana. Of course, California had already legalized marijuana for medical purposes, but does this new law change the landscape for employers? How does this affect workplace drug testing policies and employment actions that might occur as a result of a […]

Wellness Starts at Work

“The current debate about workplace wellness has called into question virtually every aspect of wellness programs. Commentators have railed against them, with some asserting that they are not only worthless but are also a morale disaster and a stealthy way to shift more coverage costs onto employees.” The featured article this week is written by […]

Wrist Splints in the Workplace

  Splints, also known as braces and supports, are frequently used by workers suffering from a musculoskeletal injury (MSI). As these injuries are often caused by overuse of the wrist, the most common wrist splints are devices that immobilize the wrist. Medical professionals endorse this technique as being useful for preventing injury or as treatment […]

Legalized Marijuana – What Now?

On November 8, 2016, California voters passed Proposition 64, legalizing “recreational” marijuana. Employers now have more questions than ever. On November 9, 2016, the California Workers’ Compensation Institute published an article entitled, “Working Through the Haze: Implications of Legalized Marijuana for California Workers’ Compensation System.” The article discusses the history of this movement, the current […]

WPOHS Holiday Hours

It’s hard to believe the holidays are here, but they are! Our sincerest thanks go out to all of our partners for putting your trust in us for the health and well-being of your employees. We are proud of the care we provide and will strive to be even better in 2017! We wish each […]

5 Excuses for Not Getting a Flu Vaccine… And My Response

Flu season is approaching once again and the time to protect ourselves with the flu vaccine is now. The three main ways that experts say you can reduce your risk of getting the flu are good hand hygiene, avoiding sick people during the flu season, and getting vaccinated. Frequent hand washing using proper technique is […]

Healthy Partners Network

On September 26, 2016, the San Diego Business Journal published an article highlighting a new alternative to conventional health insurance. WorkPartners is proud to endorse this effort and will be working collaboratively with XiMED and Key Benefits Administrators to roll this opportunity out to the North County Business Community. Click here to read the full article. […]

Back Safety and Proper Lifting Techniques

Back injuries account for 42% of all musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace. Four out of 5 of these injuries occurred when an employee was lifting. 64% occur in men and 36% occur in women. Back injuries account for 2.9 million lost days of work per year in the United States. With this being said, lifting […]

Repetitive Strain Injuries in the Workplace

Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) is a common workplace health concern that place economic burdens on individuals, employers and society in lost productivity, workers’ compensation and healthcare costs. According to the U.S. Department of Labor and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), RSI is the nations most common and costly occupational health problem, affecting hundreds of thousands of […]

Choosing the Right Drug Test

When it comes to your Drug Testing Program, how do you know if you are choosing the test that best meets your needs? In this post, Dr. Randall Browning, Chief Medical Officer, helps you navigate the choices. Click on the link or image below to learn more! April2016 Choosing Right Drug Test

ELEVATE 2016 is almost here! Have you registered?

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Partner Updates

Did you miss the latest Partner Update?  Click on the link below to view featured articles from current and past issues. March 2018 Corneal Abrasion September 2017 Low Back Pain August 2017 Obstructive Sleep Apnea July 2017 Occupational Skin Disease June 2017 May 2017 April 2017 ELEVATE 2017 March 2017 February 2017 January 2017 December […]

WorkPartner’s CEO Dr. Gene Ma Named Chief of Staff at Tri-City Medical Center

Tri-City Medical Center in Oceanside has appointed Dr. Gene Ma, a board-certified emergency medicine specialist with 15 years of experience, to the position of chief of staff. The appointment was effective July 1 and runs through June 30, 2016. “Dr. Ma has dedicated his career to Tri-City Medical Center and its emergency patients,” said CEO […]

WorkPartners OHS Expanding to Vista Business Park

Two is better than one! WorkPartners OHS is expanding tothe Vista Business Park in mid-June! WorkPartners OHS – the company that is redefining occupational healthcare – is expanding to the Vista Business Park. Located at 2365 S. Melrose Drive, our second WorkPartners OHS clinic will provide added convenience to North County employers, while still delivering […]