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San Diego’s Must-Attend Work Comp Event of 2020


On May 14 2020 make plans to join 500+ like-minded work comp professionals at the ELEVATE 2020 Workers’ Compensation & Leadership Conference in beautiful San Diego at the stunning Marriott Marquis.

This annual event is all about championing the cause to improve workers’ compensation, tackle some of the system’s most important challenges and inspire leaders to make a difference in their sphere of influence. Bring your curiosity, ideas and desire to learn. Leave with lasting connections, practical tools and some serious workers’ compensation sophistication.


What attendees of the ELEVATE Conference have to say about their experience:


Session 1

Work Comp Healthcare till 2030

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Session 2

Candid Conversations About Return-To-Work

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Session 3

Work Comp Ecosystem: Predators, Prey, and Thriving in our Shared Environment

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Session 4

The California Cumulative Trauma Problem:
Its Cause and Best Practices to Mitigate the Problem!

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How to Evolve, Disrupt, and Show up as a Leader!

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Business Professionals

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Elevate 2020 Presenters

Panelist Mark Pew
Moderator Carlos Luna
Panelist Dawn Watkins
Panelist Tammy Rother
Panelist Rosie Alvarez
Panelist Charlotte Potente
Panelist Cecilia Carrillo
Presenter Randall Browning
Presenter Jeff Cruz
Moderator William Zachry
Panelist Jeff Hulson
Panelist Michael Simmons
Panelist Felicia Amenta
Panelist Joe Carresi
Presenter Haydee Antezana




Duane Johnson
Director of Business Development | WorkPartners

Heather Manley
Chief Operating Officer | WorkPartners


Special Guest: Jerry Sanders
President & CEO | San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce


Mark 'RxProfessor'’ Pew
Senior VP of Product Development & Marketing | Preferred Medical

The world of workers’ compensation and the delivery of healthcare to injured workers has always evolved as new technologies and capabilities come online. However, the pace of change is so accelerated that it is no longer about evolution but about revolution. The trends of today will be passé tomorrow. Technology is changing everything, but patient expectations are as well. This session will attempt to take what is happening now and align it with trends over the next decade so we can all be thinking about how we need to change.


Is it possible to meet 5 new people in 5 minutes? Come prepared with plenty of business cards!


Moderator: Carlos Luna
Vice President | Risico Total Managed Care

Panelist: Dawn Watkins
Director of Integrated Disability Management | Los Angeles Unified School District

Panelist: Rosie Alvarez
Risk Management, Return-to-Work | Netflix

Panelist: Tammy Roether
District Risk Manager | McDonald’s USA

Panelist: Charlotte Potente
Occupational Health Nurse Supervisor | UPS

Panelist: Cecilia Carrillo
Workers’ Compensation Administration Supervisor | General Dynamics NASSCO

The science supporting the physiological and psychological benefits of Return-to-Work is irrefutable. The idea of Return-to-Work as a viable path to healthier employees is gaining traction within the national workers’ compensation community. However, absence from work and disability duration is determined by a combination of physiological and non-physiological issues which can often supersede the severity of injury in determining the duration of the event.

Professionals from some of the most recognized employers in the country will share their candid experiences in pursuing expedited return-to-work for their injured workers as they strive to avoid long-term absences and disability. These honest conversations will dissect near-impossible challenges encountered by employers throughout the medical care and claims process, as well as explore strategies proven to be effective in overcoming these challenges.


Predators, Prey, and Thriving in our Shared Environment

Dr. Randall Browning
Chief Medical Officer | WorkPartners

Jeff Cruz
Account Executive | HUB International Insurance Services

Every participant in the workers’ compensation system has their own role to play. As in nature, individual players may at once be predators in order to achieve their goals, and prey to those with competing interests. Nature’s lesson is that predators and prey must coexist in order to achieve a thriving ecosystem. Learn ways in which cooperation and understanding among various factions can achieve better outcomes for our shared workers' compensation community.

WorkPartners Physical Therapy

We are entering the home stretch so stand up, stretch and dance it out in style to some great music, Anything is possible at ELEVATE!

The California Cumulative Trauma Problem:
Its Cause and Best Practices to Mitigate the Problem!

Moderator: William Zachry
Board Member | State Compensation Insurance Fund California

Panelist: Jeff Hulson
Director, Risk & Loss Advisors | Marsh & McLennan Insurance Agency

Panelist: Mike Simmons
Vice President of Risk Management | WKS Restaurant Group

Panelist: Felicia Amenta
Senior Manager, Workers Compensation Program | San Diego County & Imperial County Schools Risk Management JPA

Panelist: Joe Carresi
Senior Advisor, Workers’ Compensation and Disability Management | Southern California Edison

Cumulative trauma claims have become the biggest cost driver in the California workers compensation system. They now account for 19% of all lost time claims in California However this burden has not fallen equally on all California employers. Geographically they are focused on the LA basin and the San Diego area. A high percentage of these claims involve fraud and abuse of the workers compensation system. Employers who pay lower wages or have a transient work forces have particularly been the brunt of the problem. This session will provide information on the cause of the problem and provide best practices to mitigate this cost driver.


How to Evolve, Disrupt, and Show up as a Leader!

Keynote Haydee Antezana
Success & Leadership Expert | Global Speaker | Best-Selling Author

The ability to influence and impact others does not come with a title or a degree. It is a skill which has to be learned and practiced. In this high-energy, power-packed, interactive closing session Haydee will provide you with practical solutions and smart shortcuts to walk away fueled with PASSION, PURPOSE and a PLAN to:

  • Show up as a confident leader with presence.
  • Increase your visibility and credibility.
  • Earn trust and buy-in in a shorter time.

At the close of ELEVATE 2020 you are invited to stick around and attend a mixer that everyone enjoys and when networking is at full force – Happy Hour! This year’s Happy Hour mixer will be located in a private outdoor venue at the Marriott Marquis, showcasing breathtaking panoramic views of the San Diego Bay and Coronado Island.

Thank you for attending!

San Diego Padres vs. Chicago Cubs

This is a special ticketed after-party event. Guests will have VIP access to the ELEVATE 2020 After-Party Suite at Petco Park to watch the San Diego Padres battle the Chicago Cubs! Details regarding tickets for the VIP after-party will be made available soon!

Exhibitor Sponsorships

You are invited to partner with us for the ELEVATE 2020 conference. This year we are offering a variety of exhibitor levels to meet your needs and showcase your brand throughout the entire day. By purchasing an exhibitor sponsorship, you secure your table on Exhibitor Row – exhibition space located inside the Pacific Ballroom of the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina hotel.

Alongside our attendees, you will have direct access to each presentation, listening and participating as active members of the audience. Between sessions you will have the opportunity to build quality relationships with your current clients and new prospects by meeting face-to-face with Human Resources Professionals, Risk Managers, Safety Managers, Claims Managers, Third Party Administrators, and other Workers’ Compensation Professionals.

An ELEVATE 2020 exhibitor sponsorship guarantees exposure to top employers in San Diego County. ELEVATE is San Diego’s pre-eminent, must-attend Work Comp event of the year and sponsorship opportunities will sell out once again, so reserve yours today!

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