About Us

WorkPartners Is San Diego County’s Top Rated Program Dedicated Exclusively To Occupational Health.

Our Beliefs

We believe in partnerships. Coordinating care for your employees between our network of carefully selected specialists, your HR department, and insurance adjusters is central to our success. When we succeed, you succeed. We can appreciate the impact of lost work days on your productivity, and we are committed to providing our patients the optimal network of care to achieve a rapid and sustainable recovery.

We believe in the American worker. Too often Workers’ Compensation carries a negative connotation because of the perception that individuals try to exploit the system and lack a desire to return to work. Our experience tells us otherwise and drives us to provide every patient we serve with the optimal environment and treatment protocols to return to work in as rapid a time frame as possible. Our  patient’s desire to be part of the productive workforce that defines our great country, and they desire to share in the personal rewards afforded every individual who works so diligently to make a difference in their workplace on a daily basis.

We believe in being specialists in occupational medicine, not in being a public urgent care providing occupational medicine services. That’s why, as our name implies, we are dedicated to the field of occupational health, and each of our employees carries the highest qualifications recognized in occupational health.

We believe that recovery in the workplace doesn’t happen by accident but happens by virtue of well-designed treatment algorithms delivered by specialists dedicated to occupational medicine.

We believe in being specialists so that you don’t have to be. Workers’ Compensation claims can be a complicated web to navigate, from obtaining the correct drug and alcohol testing protocols, to obtaining referrals in a timely fashion. We are here to handle your occupational health needs from start to finish, so you can focus on what you do best.

We believe in nurturing relationships and personalized care. This is an element in occupational medicine long overlooked, and we aim to deliver a level of communication and service that exceeds your expectations. Give us a call. We’re always glad to hear from you.

We believe in ourselves.

We believe that no one can provide specialty care like we can provide.

We believe that we should be your occupational health specialists.

Here's what sets us apart

Our Values

Partnership feature


We are committed to knowing your business and understanding the needs of your organization.
Stewardship feature


Close and collaborative relationships foster improved healthcare delivery for our patients and reduced costs for our partners.
Expertise feature


Our staff and clinicians specialize in Occupational Health, holding the highest certifications for standards of excellence in the field. Our expert team is a comprehensive resource for partners and patients, guiding the path through the often confusing web of Occupational Health and Workers’ Compensation.
Innovation feature


We are continually evolving in order to enhance our services and drive industry advancements.
Integrity feature


We are committed to transparent and consistent delivery of quality care and accountability.
Service feature


We lead the industry in our delivery of superior, personalized service to our partners and patients.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to continually redefine occupational healthcare delivery by advancing expectations of communication, collaboration, and quality of care. These advances promote an exceptional experience that inspires confidence from our partners and improves outcomes for our patients.

Our Philosophy

We endeavor to provide the highest quality medical services here at WorkPartners Occupational Health Specialists. Our staff and providers personalize care of each individual to meet their unique needs, the workplace and the environment. With board certified physicians and trained, certified staff we maintain the highest standards of medical care. This philosophy of maintaining exemplary performance, expertise and accountability impacts all aspects of our services.

We value the unique contributions of everyone at WorkPartners including the companies we are partnered with. Through the contributions of staff and clients we continuously evolve and improve.