Jill Van Meter, L.Ac.

WorkPartners is pleased to announce that Licensed Acupuncturist Jill Van Meter, L.Ac. has joined the WorkPartners family! Jill has been practicing as a Licensed Acupuncturist for 24 years and has exemplified excellence in workers’ compensation. We are thrilled to feature Jill in this month’s featured interview.

WP. Hi Jill! Please give us a quick summary of your background.

JVM. I visited an acupuncturist in Los Angeles in the 80’s based on a friend’s referral. I loved the experience! I wanted to help others feel the same way. Two years later, I moved to San Diego and started the acupuncture program at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. It was a 4-year program and I loved every minute of it. It is fascinating to learn about the body/ mind connection and the concept of energy flow being the life force within us. I learned so much about myself and how I could help others.  I later graduated in 1996 from PCOM with my master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and have devoted myself to this healing system for the past 24 years.

WP. You have such an impressive work history. What is it about WorkPartners that enticed you to join our team?

JVM. I am thrilled to be a member of WorkPartners and to be part of a caring group of providers and team members. My days are joyful when I feel like I am really making a difference in patients’ lives. It is wonderful to work with providers who feel the same way. There is also a focus at WorkPartners on having fun and enjoying our job. I love that! Laughter, joy, and play are so important in the healing process as well as the process of being a happy human being.

WP. What is your philosophy of care?

JVM. My belief is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine that health is all about structure, awareness, and balance.

Having a strong foundation or structure allows healing to be supported and enhanced. I work with patients to create the best foundation in their lives that will help support healing. This includes looking at routines, work environments, nutrition and their support system of family and friends.

Awareness allows patients to access subtle information. This also will help patients understand what is happening in their body as they heal and what they will need during the changeable process of healing. Awareness also supports future protection of the body, especially in cases of repetitive motion injuries.

Balance is the blend of awareness and structure. It is a fluid process of checking in with one’s self and evaluating and re-evaluating one’s needs in each moment. By teaching patients how to know themselves more completely, each person becomes their own healer. Patients will become empowered in their lives and thrive from their experience with acupuncture.

WP. What is the most common misconception regarding workers’ compensation?

JVM. I think there is still a stigma that most patients with occupational injuries are “faking it” to get out of working. In my years of being an acupuncturist in workers’ compensation, I find that to be false. Most patients who are injured on the job are dealing with the stress and pain of being hurt. I encourage patients they can improve and get their lives back on track. I am in constant awe and respect of what patients will do to get back to their jobs, their co-workers, and become helpful members of the community again.

WP. What are your personal hobbies and how do you keep a healthy work/life balance?

JVM. Hiking, walking, and horseback riding! I love being in nature. Nature always helps to remind me of my priorities in life and the beauty of life. I am a newer horseback rider and it has become my passion. There is something about being with the spirit of the horse that invites me to be my best self. I am an animal lover and walking my dog in the neighborhood is another favorite activity. I try to find some quiet time each day to reflect on all the good in my life and to remember gratitude for it all. I love to travel. I can always find something wonderful to appreciate with each place I visit. I learn so much about myself as well the world around me when I experience different cultures.

WP. Thank you, Jill, for taking time with us this month. We are so happy to have you part of the WorkPartners family!