Dr. Kathleen Gray, MD

WorkPartners is pleased to announce that Dr. Kathleen Gray, MD has joined the WorkPartners family! Dr. Gray has been practicing Occupational Medicine for over 20 years, exemplifying excellence in workers’ compensation for San Diego County employers. We are thrilled to feature Dr. Gray in this month’s featured interview.

WP. Hi Dr. Gray! Please give us a quick summary of your background.

KG. I have over 20 years of extensive work experience in Occupational Medicine and as a Certified Independent Medical Examiner. I completed medical school at George Washington University and residency programs at Kaiser San Francisco and UC San Francisco. I also participated in a microsurgery research fellowship in Melbourne, Australia. I have experience working with the State Compensation Insurance Fund, which gives me a unique prospective of occupational health care from the payer perspective. I also have experience with utilization review, which keeps me focused on best practice guidelines.

WP. You have such an impressive work history. What is it about WorkPartners that enticed you to join our team?

KG. When I started practicing occupational medicine, it was in a physician-owned clinic. Over time, I have seen practices like this almost disappear as larger corporations swoop in to purchase freestanding clinics. When this happens, something gets lost in that process – clinic culture, localized perspectives and considerations, and even patient care – all for the sake of corporate standards. Over the years I have had numerous conversations with my peers about how great it would be to open a medical practice together where we could keep patient care at the forefront and the top priority. When I met the team of WorkPartners, I realized that dream practice is real and already exists in San Diego County! It has been such a revelation, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be part of this team!

WP. What are your clinical areas of interest or specialty?

KG. I work hard to keep up with the best evidence to treat patients. I focus on case compression and independent self-care. My goal is to rehabilitate, not palliate.

WP. What is your philosophy of care?

KG. I like an evidence-based, goal-oriented approach. I want to give patients the tools they need to recover from injuries. I like to incorporate a new appreciation of exercise, self-care, and a realization that patients are stronger than they think they are. Particularly living through this current pandemic, we all have to find ways to turn a negative into a positive. Recovery from an injury can similarly end on a positive note.

WP. What is the most common misconception regarding workers’ compensation?

KG. The most common misconception is that clinics like ours are the “company doctors” and that we look out for the benefit of the company rather than the patient. That is NOT true. Workers’ compensation doctors are the patients’ doctor. WorkPartners is the patient’s doctor. We work with the company to ensure their injured employees are supported during their transition to recovery. Our service and partnership comes from a place of compassion and caring.

WP. How do you see the interaction between provider and employer and claims admin?

KG. This is a total team effort with a common goal of injury recovery. We all want to provide the injured employee with the tools and support they need to recover.

WP. What are your personal hobbies and how do you keep a healthy work/life balance?

KG. I am a runner! I run every morning. I think exercise is important and fun. With the pandemic, I would say free time is necessarily less frantic and more focused on spending time with family. I also have 2 wirehaired dachshunds and a chap who, lucky for me. loves to cook! We take walks, bike rides, and keep in touch with friends. I look forward to times together in the future.

WP. Thank you, Dr. Gray, for your insights.  It is awesome to have you part of the WorkPartners family!