Interview with Cody Jackson MD, MOH

Every month WorkPartners turns the spotlight on individuals making an impact and exemplifying excellence in the field of workers’ compensation. We thought it would be great to kick off 2020 by interviewing Cody Jackson, MD, MOH,  Medical Director at WorkPartners National City. Enjoy!

Q. Hi Dr. Jackson, please can you give us a quick summary of your background?

A. Hi, I’m Dr. Cody Jackson the Medical Director for WorkPartners in National City. Before WorkPartners I finished my residency in Occupational Medicine at the University of Utah where I was taught by several authors of the ACOEM Guidelines and did a rotation at Federal OSHA. I’m quite engaged with ACOEM, focusing on provider education and eLearning. Prior to residency, I was a flight surgeon in the US Navy and US Marine Corps. I served two deployments to North Africa and the Mediterranean flying both P-3 Orions and C-130s. My Navy career started when I entered USUHS for medical school.

Q. What made you choose WorkPartners?

A. To choose WorkPartners I decided to do my homework and found that its mission is built on the ideals of great partnerships while creating its own great work environment for its staff which was something I definitely looked for in a practice. The world is too negative nowadays. Nearing the end of my MBA education, it was exciting to hear about leadership opportunities within the practice, local employer engagement activities, and growth opportunities for WorkPartners and myself professionally.

Q. What is the most common misconception regarding workers’ comp?

A. From whose point of view?! 🙂 Patients, Employers, Insurers, Providers, Community Leaders, Politicians, Lawyers….the list can go on for a while. I think misconceptions change daily as we keep learning about our own system here in California. I believe the most important perception is that of the injured worker (IW) and that all of those who interact with the IW, in one way or another, should work towards correcting any misconceptions that the patient may have.

Q. What is your philosophy of care?

A. Putting the FUNC back in Function! But really, I focus on function over pain. 20% of Americans have chronic pain, but it really only prevents a very small percentage of this patient population from living their lives and making a living. I provide expeditious care, in accordance with MTUS/ACOEM Guidelines, thereby enabling a quicker return to work so the IW can fully realize their work potential and employer can resume normal operations sooner. 

Q. How did an evidence-based approach to medicine become so engrained in your practice?

A. The faculty at the University of Utah literally wrote the book for a majority of the ACOEM Guidelines. This is all we knew and were taught. Working through my MBA, I’ve come to realize that evidence-based medicine is a cost-saver. It helps prevent costly interventions that have no proven benefit.

Q. What are your clinical areas of interest or specialty?

A. Awaiting Board Certification in Occupational Medicine. I really enjoy teaching and mentoring. I feel our Provider Team is willing and able to soak up what I’ve learned in order to provide our clients with consistently exceptional ACOEM Guidelines-backed care.

Q. How do you see the interaction between provider and employer and claims admin?

A. While these are not all the players, this trio works together to provide an environment that sets the patient up for a successful recovery. If a provider practices in concert with ACOEM Guidelines, if an employer can accommodate work restrictions and correct hazards, and if the claims admin can be available to provide clarity for UR decisions made, I feel the patient is primed for a great outcome.

Q. What are your personal hobbies and how do you keep a healthy work/life balance? 

A. I love traveling to gain new experiences and to appreciate different cultures/ways of living. Locally, I enjoy hiking Mission Trails, trying new foods and new breweries.

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