5 Excuses for Not Getting a Flu Vaccine… And My Response

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Flu season is approaching once again and the time to protect ourselves with the flu vaccine is now. The three main ways that experts say you can reduce your risk of getting the flu are good hand hygiene, avoiding sick people during the flu season, and getting vaccinated. Frequent hand washing using proper technique is a good idea, but has its shortcomings. The flu virus can stay alive on surfaces such as desktops and doorknobs for up to 12 hours. Despite perfect hand washing habits, a person touching a contaminated surface, who then touches their eyes, nose, or mouth (common entry points for the virus), can transmit the virus to themselves. Studies show that the average person touches their face about 16 times per hour!

In this article, Dr. Randall Browning discusses the 5 excuses he hears from people as to why they won’t get a flu vaccine and provides his response to each.

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